5 winter hair care tips for men you should adopt this winter

No men like dry and frizzy hair in winters, which is why we bring 5 winter hair care tips for men you should adopt this winter to keep your hair happy!
Published, 9 months ago

As the temperatures drop and the weather gets harsher, caring for your hair becomes as important as caring for your skin in winter.

The weather can wreak havoc with your locks, leaving you at greater risk of an irritated scalp and frizzy hair. Men! We need to fight back. Though many of us working from home, it’s could be a good time to take extra care of yourself.

How do you overcome the winter haircare blues? These 5 winter hair care tips for men, will answer your question!

winter hair care tips for men

Protect your hair from harsh weather

Rain, wind, cold… even snow. You name it, the British weather brings with it all manner of harsh elements during winter.

And they really can do a number on your hair. But there are easy steps you can take to look after your locks and provide them with protection. The number one way of doing this is to cover up with a quality winter hat when you head outdoors.

But! Be careful not to wear something overly tight as this can stress your hair out too.

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Keep it trim

This is one of the easiest winter hair care tips for men. A visit to your barber isn’t just about getting a cool look – although that’s 100% what you should be walking away with.

It’s also about keeping your hair in good nick. And regular trims ensure this, snipping away the split ends and helping to avoid that dreaded winter frizzy hair.

Men with facial hair need to take care of that too, so make sure you keep your beard well maintained.

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Avoid over-washing

When your hair’s taking a bit of a pounding its easily tempting to wash it every day. However, this can have a detrimental effect.

Yes, you want to keep your hair clean, but over-washing can strip it of its natural oils and cause avoidable problems.

With that in mind, go easy on the shampoo and wash twice (maybe three times) a week as a maximum.

Be careful with heat

As with over-washing, the same principle can lay at the door of overheating your hair. Heating too much can lead to increased stress on your strands and leave them frazzled.

So, when you do wash, go easy with the hot water, and finish things off with a cool rinse. Also, try to avoid using the hairdryer on full blast.

And, if you’re going to use stylers, turn the temperature down.

nature 3974157 960 720

Keep your hair in great condition

Finally, treating your hair to a deep condition once a week can work wonders. Whatever you do your hair is going to be at risk of stress during the winter.

Replenishing it with much-needed moisture will keep it healthy. You only need to do it once a week, but the benefits of doing so will be clear for you to see and feel.

Your hair is going to Thank you if you put these winter hair care tips for men in practice.

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