Top Makeup Trends for 2020

Published, 1 year ago

This year, when it comes to fashion styles and makeup trends, 2020 is all about facing the drama and being oh so casual with it!  With a clear-cut focus on being yourself and experimenting with your unique style and individual taste.

However, we understand that doing your own thing in the beauty world can still sometimes feel like a scary concept, so we’ve pulled together some of the top trends to look out for as we move through the seasons.

Cool tones are in!

But what does cool look like in colour? Well, for the makeup world, it means we can expect to see more blues, greens, purples, and fresh pinks when it comes to eye shadow palettes.

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Creating a fresh look, this style was debuted at New York Fashion Week’s spring/summer collections.  Spotted on models at Oscar de la Renta, Alice + Olivia, Ulla Johnson, and Jonathan Simkhai, these cool tones certainly made an impact.

Make your cheeks pop!

Helping to blend with the fresh new eyeshadow colours, blusher will play a much more significant role in our makeup bags in 2020.

The idea is to create a bright yet rested look, allowing your blush to add a little bit of mystery.

Moving away from being subtle, your cheeks should be aiming to stand out in the crowd (in a good way of course), with makeup artists showing us to apply blush to not only the cheeks but the temples too, and even moving into your eyelids and lips for added effect!

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Offering a more ethereal, sun-kissed vibe, no longer do we need to pile on the bronzer for that sun-kissed glow!

Continue to dazzle with the right embellishments.

Valentino has set the pace for 2020 when it comes to embellishments, where ultimately, if you’re not sticking something on, you’re not styling yourself right!

Gemstone eyes will most certainly be a “thing,” with brightly coloured eyes designed to pop. Show a style of self-expression through stick-on rhinestones.

Crystal nails will also be making a heavy appearance too. With an increase in views of 128% on Pinterest, who doesn’t want sparkly disco nails of their own?!

Adorning your skin with add-ons is the new decade’s mood.

90’s supermodel glam is back!

This is the highlight of our 2020. 90’s glam categorised by sculpted eyeshadows, brown lip liners, mauves, and taupes.

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Kim Kardashian-West and Jorja Smith have recently rocked this look, and with no signs of slowing down we have our 90’s style ready to go!

Knotted headbands and hair clips are in!

Move along 2019 padded headbands and let 2020 show you how it’s done. We are not joking when we state that searches for hair clips on Pinterest are up 930%!!! Everything from pearl clips to gold claw clips are among the firm favourites!

Ultimately, beauty trends that will dominate 2020 will be those whose core focus is on sustainability and encouraging beauty to be much more inclusive. Embracing individuality and moving beyond the status quo.

For the team at Fashion Rider we love the bold and fierce approach that makeup artists are taking, embracing individuality, change, and statement looks, all with fresh colours and highlighted features.

As we move through the seasons make sure to keep an eye on our blog for latest trends and news from the catwalks.

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