The latest product in sustainable fashion

The latest product in sustainable fashion is cactus based vegan leather, invented by two friends, Adrian and Marte, from Mexico.
Published, 1 month ago

Vegan fashion is clothing or accessories that contain no animal products or by-products.  Cacrus leather is also environmentally friendly.

Adrian and Marte named their cactus based material Desserto and patented it. Their farm is fully organic, the plants are native to the region and the ground is maintained without damage. The plants only absorb atmospheric water, such as dew, and are a natural carbon dioxide sink. The mature leaves are cut to produce leather while small leaves are left to grow so the cactus is not damaged and allows for harvesting again in another 6 to 8 months.  The cut leaves are left to dry in the sun, resulting in huge energy savings.

The plant can live for approximately 8 years (unlike traditional crops which are replanted annually) and no pesticides or herbicides are used so less harm is caused to the environment. In addition, they use non-toxic chemicals in the production.

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Vegan leather is durable, flexible, doesn’t stain and is breathable and its prices are similar to the cost of traditional leather.

Most animal leather is produced from cows. Cows drink a lot of water, emit methane (one of the main greenhouse gases) and our appetite for beef and its by-product leather, are responsible for the deforestation of the Amazon rainforests.

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The fashion industry being the second largest contributor to pollution in the world, can reduce its contribution to pollution by replacing animal leather with vegan leather.

Today, environmentally aware consumers are searching for sustainable, green fashion and cactus leather fits this criteria.

Fortunately Desserto is compliant with the fashion industry’s most meticulous environmental and quality standards so there is no doubt that Desserto brings massive benefits to our world and will turn the leather industry upside down.

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