Mindfulness and business. What does mindfulness mean for your business?

Mindfulness and business. What does mindfulness mean for your business? A lot more than you think.
Published, 2 months ago

Mindfulness is more than learning how to relax and stay calm (although this is a big element). 

It is a practice where we learn how to train our minds.  To focus on the present—the here and the now.

Mindfulness today has become a staple for supporting mental health and wellbeing in workplaces, with some companies even making it a part of their internal practices.

Mindfulness and Business

Providing you with a greater sense of presence, mindfulness helps reduce anxiety while heightening productivity, and in turn, allowing you to run a better business.

It is believed and well researched that when people are at peace and happy within themselves, they will be more successful.

However, as individuals, we all react to different situations in different ways.  Understanding this a little further helps leaders and individuals to recognise stressful situations quicker and take greater control of the situation sooner.

Some of the key benefits of mindfulness in business include:

Improves self-confidence and decision making

Sometimes, in business, we can all feel overwhelmed with the volume of decisions we have to make.  Mindfulness can help to provide calm and focus so business decisions can make decisions confidently and with ease.


Can boost creativity

Incorporating mindfulness practices before a brainstorming session can help to reduce distractions and anxiety, allowing you time to think clearly and provide space for those creative thoughts and ideas to come through.

creativity 1

Improves productivity

As you’re less affected by stress as you focus solely on the task at hand, rather than mentally counting all of the other jobs that still need doing.


It helps drive healthier workplaces

Supporting well-being, relationships, and creativity.  It also plays a role in reducing absenteeism, turnover, and a lack of productivity.

healthier workspace

Provides you with more emotional resilience

Providing you with the ability to deal with difficult situations positively and in an effective way.


It can offer you a better work-life balance

Which can provide you with enhanced engagement, improved behaviour, and increased productivity.

work life balance

It can help boost your working memory

Most importantly, it can help you discern those tasks that are important against those that can wait.

working memory

Like anything new, the more we practice mindfulness, the better we get, and due to the range of techniques and solutions, there is no one-size-fits-all with mindfulness, but rather something suitable for everyone.

As you can see, there are many benefits of introducing mindfulness into workplaces, such as helping reduce stress levels and to increase empathy (with the latter being a huge focus point at the moment as businesses view this as a key quality to help them recover from the current pandemic).

However, mindfulness also provides an air of resilience as people are/feel more prepared to deal with difficult situations. Strengthening leadership skills and entrepreneur’s business focus as it focuses on the area of self-awareness. Awareness of you and your environment.

Mindfulness and business go hand in hand. Applying mindfulness practice to your business, whether as a photographer in a busy studio or a fashion designer with a new collection ready to be launched, allows for fewer distractions, and it is reported that those who practice mindfulness can be more creative, providing focus, greater idea generation, and are more receptive to new ideas.

So, whether it’s making sure you take a 30-minute walk every day or practising meditation or yoga before a big meeting or fashion event, make sure you build this time into your day.

At Fashion Rider, we have created a full page dedicated to various mindfulness tips and techniques to help creative minds reap the positive effects and increase business success.  Make sure to check it out HERE.

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