Long-term relationships in the industry

Published, 5 years ago

PR agencies create a fantastic opportunity for you and your business – the benefits are limitless. Communication consultancies want to work with freelancers, and just as you will expect a steady flow of work from them, they also expect a lot from you too. Do it well, and it could be a match made in heaven resulting in a long-term relationship for both parties.

Georgie Cameron, managing director of Admiral PR, has worked with numerous freelancers from graphic designers to photographers and lots more in between, so she has described what she looks for in a freelancer when commissioning work with a view to establishing a long-term relationship:

What qualities do you look for in a freelancer and what would make you want to work with them again?

• Work ethic – the great bonus of working with freelancers is that you can turn around jobs faster and often to a higher standard than working with larger agencies, so make sure you deliver on time and on budget;

• Be professional – quote for the work upfront and include extras, don’t bill us for something unexpected as we will have already quoted the client;

• Come to us with ideas – anything that helps us to look good with our clients will attract our loyalty;

• Be reliable – we won’t work with suppliers again if they let us down;

• Be open, honest and transparent – if you are working with competitive agencies, tell us;

• Be prepared to invest in new business pitching – one of the great frustrations with freelancers is that often they will not invest their time in working on a pitch. We don’t charge prospective clients so why should you charge us?

• Market yourself – agencies want to see your work so don’t be shy. If your work is good we will invite you in to discuss it further; and

• References – have a number of people in line I can call or e-mail. This way I can get an endorsement for the quality of your work.

People do business with people so relationship building and trust is important. When we find a talented freelancer that is open, honest and delivers the job on time and within budget, we go back to them time and time again.

Remember, the communications industry is quite a close knit community and we often source freelancers as a result of recommendations from others. If you want to have a steady stream of commissions, make sure you do a good job and it’s likely we will recommend you to our colleagues and peers.

One final note:

PR agencies – Whether you’re choosing to work with a new accountant or web designer, Fashion Rider always recommends you do your research and consider all of your options.

If you’re still unsure, don’t forget Fashion Rider is here to help. Please get in touch and let us take the stress out of finding a freelancer for you.

Get in touch! We’d like to know about your experience of working with PR agencies.

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