Five Clichés to Motivate You

Published, 1 year ago

Well I think we can all agree that 2020 has, so far, been pretty shocking but I’m not here to depress you with tales of doom and gloom, there’s enough of that on the news. Instead as we’re all trying to figure out what our place is in the so-called “new normal” and adapting our business model to accommodate a safe working environment can be daunting to say the least.

motivate you

If you’re reading this chances are you’re standing at the foot of the “What do I do now? Mountain” and, if you’re anything like me, feeling a bit disheartened and overwhelmed. At times like these falling back on a few tried and trusted sayings can be all that’s needed to get you going, after all a saying becomes a cliché for a reason.

  1. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

By now, it’s probably sunk in that we can’t just return to our old way of doing things, so you’re going to need a plan. So grab a pencil and some paper and take the time to jot down what it is you’re going to need to get your business back on track, a good place to start is what PPE (personal protective equipment) do I need, for you and probably for your clients.

  • Clutter creates stress and stress creates clutter.

For the last few months you’ve either done very little, possibly furloughed, or maybe you’ve been multi-tasking like a maniac to try and stay on top of things as best you can. Whatever your circumstances the chances are your workspace looks like the mischief pixies have thrown a party in there. Take a day. Take stock. Familiarise yourself with the engine room of your business and as you tidy up you’ll be clearing away any mental cobwebs for free.

  • Communication works for those who work at it.

So, you’ve started sketching out a plan, started getting your workspace in order, it’s about time to find out who’s out there and how they’re doing. Pick up the phone and call everyone! Your clients, suppliers, wholesalers and retail, go crazy; firstly to find out how they’re doing, what they’re currently able to do for you and also, of course, what you can do for them … but also take the time and opportunity to have a good old chat, reconnecting with people and not just their business will be a tonic after months of the same old faces.

  • Don’t run before you can walk.

A lot of your day to day activities are probably going to take longer, be a little more expensive and require tact and sensitivity especially if you’re making home visits. Adapting to the needs and expectations of your clients is essential to nurturing their confidence that you can deliver your service safely. Taking on what you know you can manage will only serve to encourage you onwards.

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  • It’s OK to ask for help.

Pretty straightforward this one, just because we’ve all been parcelled away, it’s easy to forget that social distancing doesn’t mean you’re isolated and alone. Fashion Rider has a growing network of creatives like you that can complement your business, as well as a wide range of professionals we can refer you to that are able to help with advice and guidance both legal and financial.

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