Sustainable fashion: How can we achieve this?

Published, 2 years ago

Sustainable fashion is more than the latest craze or new genre. It’s a movement that is fostering change.

Change to the way fashion is created, manufactured, sold, and worn.

It is well known and well documented in the news, that fast fashion is indeed killing our planet.

Reported to be more damaging to the environment than air traffic, emitting more greenhouse gases than the world’s planes and ships, depleting water resources and local microfibre pollution as it goes.

Fast fashion is a killer.

This is because, over the years, fast fashion has grown at an exponential rate. If we think of it like a fast-paced level of consumption that has the industry stuck in a production pattern that is extremely difficult to break.

With overproduction and a mountain of unsold and unworn clothes, a significant problem.

But times are changing.

Social media and online influencers, such as Sustainable Daisy continue to play a big role in this shift and influence, making us much more aware of the repercussions of our spending.


Credit: Sustainable Daisy

Here’s some more great sustainable influencers for you to follow and become inspired by:

Sustainably Chic

Old World New

Eco Warrior Princess

Reading My Tea Leaves

Alyssa Beltempo


Credit: Alyssa Beltempo

Today consumers are much more enlightened. People want answers, they expect answers to where their goods are from and how they are produced, before now committing to any level of investment.

Fashion is evolving in more ways than one.

Fashion designers and fashion labels are now rethinking their business models and strategies going forward, and sometimes it’s not all about using the most sustainable materials to fashion goods.

For example, new and innovative business models see online retailers such as LXR and Cobf8bb904100b07d94b5fe6d112bd0657 2 allow their customers to purchase, for example, a designer handbag, and then return the bag in the same condition within 6 months. If all is well, consumers receive back 75% of the original price they paid.

Buy it. Use it. Restart it. Get 75% Back when You Restart That Reluxury Louis Vuitton Within 6 Months.


An interesting concept and one which allows you to have fashionable designer goods without the designer price tag.  Following a sustainable theme, moving away from fast fashion and helping to save the planet while doing so.

Sustainable fashion is still a new concept

New technology and digital advances are allowing fashion designers the opportunity to design and produce new clothing, and yes, sustainable products are great, and yes, they are growing in popularity; however, for some, sustainable material is still a little limited in what it can offer. Especially when it comes to fashion, isolating without intention, many high-street shoppers.

Today, many consumers feel it their moral duty to `do the right thing` even when it comes to fashion, however as consumers, we’re also very aware that ethical brands and sustainable product price tags act as a profound deterrent.

The solution?

Affordable, designer, second-hand clothes.

A great way to get a new wardrobe without destroying our planet.

Keeping in style and bringing back the enjoyment of fashion in a guilt-free manner.


Being able to buy more and save more with retailers like The Luxury Closet, who focus on selling quality second-hand designer pieces that you will keep forever.

The Luxury Closet is an online leading fashion boutique, offering a treasure trove of designer pieces without the designer price tags.  Selling clothes, handbags, jewellery, and more, with designer brands including Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Cartier, Rolex, and Van Cleef, to name but a few!

The Luxury ClosetDisrupting the online fashion business model is what The Luxury Closet is doing. Building a sustainable business that more and more consumers are getting behind, turning their back on fast fashion and investing in long term, high quality, designer goods, without the hefty price tags.

Purchasing second-hand clothes is what makes the difference. Having fewer carbon emissions, saving water, and reducing waste – reducing the need to manufacture new items hence also saving on resources.

Fashion Rider has some great links for you to check out their latest offers:

Women’s sunglasses from top brands – up to 80% off7794fc0e5c4c3a54a73bb940a53e66c4 3

Price Drop! Luxury brands on sale. Up to 40% OFF0b20bb0d825bddf4eee2905350451233 4

Up to 80% Off Gucci Handbags941f6954b690825354919a3d2f15bedf 3

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Online retailers like The Luxury Closet understand that sustainable fashion must become more accessible as well as non-limiting. Especially if it is to create a meaningful impact.

We would love to hear your opinion on sustainable fashion. Have you shopped in any of the companies mentioned in this blog, or are you selling sustainable fashion yourself? We would love to hear from you!

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If you can’t find what you are looking for? Then don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll look into it for you!


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