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Welcome to our International Creative friends, please contact us to open dialogue between our two countries.

In 2020 the Creative Industries contributed almost £116bn (GVA) to the UK economy. If you want to start working within this multi £billion business sector then Fashion Rider is the quickest and easiest way to get your business idea growing online and internationally.

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Welcome to Fashion Rider

One of the leading UK membership organisations solely dedicated to linking and engaging with creative people around the world to develop their business ventures together. By harnessing talents from differing cultures and nationalities we aim to develop business friendships and practices around the globe.

It is now an accepted fact that consumers shop and do more business online using new innovative technologies to obtain a range of goods and services. This creation is a new trend that has been labelled as the “Home Economy” and its growth is seen as being exponential.

Whilst this has created a huge challenge for established companies it has also created opportunity for new young bold start-up companies willing to invest in their ambitions and aspirations to build a venture that has a global presence.

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This newly launched page is aimed at bringing young Bahraini entrepreneurs into the Fashion Rider community to enable them to develop and expand their business ventures into the UK and European markets. By forging strong business links with like-minded individuals in the UK we hope to see small ventures collaborate and grow their business jointly.  Working together will surely pave the way for growth and job creation as well as long lasting friendships.

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